Three people lucky to be alive following a head-on smash in Addington

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Dec 09, 2023 |

Three people are lucky to be alive following a head-on smash last night.

Emergency services responded to a two-vehicle collision on Wrights Road.

The crash happened at 9.30PM, blocking the road. 

A St John spokesperson said they responded with one ambulance and a manager to the scene. 

Two patients were assessed and treated in a minor condition at the scene, and one patient was transported to Christchurch hospital in a moderate condition

A power box was damaged in the crash and an Orion contractor was sent to the scene.

About half an hour after the crash, a motorist was handcuffed, after arriving at the scene and then performing a wheel spin directly in front of a police officer who was directing traffic.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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