Three people & dog involved in jet boating crash in Rakaia

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jan 13, 2024 |

Photo: Supplied

Three people and a dog have been involved in a jet boating crash in Rakaia this afternoon.

Emergency services were called to the Rakaia River at 3.50PM after the small jet boat ran aground.

The accident scene was near Somerton Road, inland from the Rakaia township.

An eye witness told Chris Lynch Media he was first on the scene and ensured the injured man onboard remained conscious.

He said the driver’s driving was questionable.

“He came down a small rapid into a hole that shallowed out fast – he turned too late at speed flinging his mum and dog overboard.

“His partner was unsecured at the back of the boat and hit the side of the boat as it turned.

“The driver suffered a 10cm laceration to his forehead down to the bone, and detached his nose from his top lip.

“The mother was uninjured but in shock and was treated on scene by paramedics.”

A helicopter was dispatched to the scene as part of the emergency response.

The dog was uninjured.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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