There are 20 new community cases – all are in the Auckland region.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Sep 05, 2021 |

There are 20 new community cases to report – all are in the Auckland region.

That takes the total number of cases associated with the current outbreak to 801.

Of those, 79 cases are deemed to have recovered. So the total number of active cases is 722.

Dr Ashley Bloomfield said these numbers are proving that alert level four in Auckland, and our public health measures are rapidly slowing the spread of the virus.

“However, we need to remain extra vigilant.”

Analysis of yesterday’s 20 cases that were announced showed that 75% were contacts of known cases and 55% were household contacts who were already isolating.

“The seriousness of COVID 19 infection remains visible, with 38 cases in hospital today across the Auckland hospital network. Of these six are an ICU, or in a high dependency unit, and four of these patients currently require ventilation.”

“Our thoughts remain with these individuals who are unwell, and indeed with their families have what is a stressful time. Sadly, we reported yesterday, in our media release, we reported on the death in North Shore Hospital on Friday of a woman who was confirmed case of COVID-19.”

“I would again like to just personally express my condolences to this woman’s loved ones and endorsed the message, in their words, this is real, and the recommendation of the importance of following public health advice lockdowns, following the rules, and stopping the spread is critically important to all of us to prevent harm and particularly to those most vulnerable in our community.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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