Canterbury residents urged to get tested

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Nov 17, 2021 |

With the Ministry of Health confirming a case of COVID-19 in Christchurch today, Cantabrians experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or have visited a location of interest are being urged to get tested.

Dr Helen Skinner, Senior Responsible Officer for the COVID-19 response, Canterbury DHB said people can be tested at their General Practice (you need to call before you turn up for a test) or at a community-based testing centre (CBTC).

You don’t need a referral to attend a CBTC. You can drive-up or walk-in. Testing is free, unless you require a test for travel overseas.

The CBTCs currently operating in Canterbury are:

  • Orchard Road CBTC (near Airport), 174 Orchard Road, Christchurch. Open 9am-4pm (or later if demand requires), 7 days a week.

  • Whānau Ora Community Clinic CBTC, 250 Pages Road, Wainoni, Christchurch. Open 9am-3:30pm (or later if demand requires), 7 days a week.

  • Ashburton Hospital site CBTC – 28 Elizabeth Street, Ashburton hospital site. Open 10am-2pm every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. *Note: please enter via Driveway D, not the main entrance to the hospital. While this is a Drive In testing facility, and people arriving in cars is preferred, walk-ins can be accommodated.

“We have increased capacity at our testing centres, with additional staff brought on board. Our Orchard Road site will remain open later if needed, to respond to demand.”

People can check if their GP can provide COVID-19 testing by calling them or via the Healthpoint website:  

 “Please get tested if you visited a location of interest or have cold and flu symptoms.”

Full details of testing options in Canterbury can be found here:

Accessing Health Services

Unless you have been contacted by phone to advise that your planned (elective) surgery or outpatient appointment is postponed, please assume it is going ahead and turn up to your appointment.

Masks or face coverings must be worn at all times at Canterbury DHB sites and will be provided if people don’t have them. Hand sanitiser stations are visible and must also be used.

Please scan in using the QR code, wherever you go using the government’s COVID-19 Tracer App, and ensure Bluetooth is turned on within the app – this means you’ll receive alerts if you’ve been exposed to a case.

Current visitor restrictions for DHB facilities can be found here. Restrictions are in place because reducing the number of people entering our hospitals reduces the opportunities of infection spreading, helping protect vulnerable patients and our staff. Most importantly, please don’t come visiting if you feel unwell.

“We continue to treat everyone who presents at our facilities needing healthcare, regardless of their immunisation status.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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