Two youths arrested following fight at Christchurch mall

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jun 20, 2023 |


Two youths have been arrested following a fight at a Christchurch mall this evening.

Eyewitness Daniel John told Chris Lynch Media just before 6 PM the fight broke out in the food court of Westfield Mall in Riccarton.

“A large group of mainly youths wearing gang-affiliated colours red and blue were involved” he said.

“The fight escalated from punching to full-on chairs being thrown at each other with no regard for any of the families sitting down having their dinner.

“It started with about 10-15 people, but eventually grew in numbers to an all out brawl,” he said.

“By this time the local shops were rolling down their security doors and McDonald’s staff ushered some young children and women into the manager’s office to seek shelter.

”The fight kept moving around the food court and eventually ended with the youths making their way out the exit near the cinemas with security at the door to prevent them from coming back in.

John said “there were kids and women crying, it was a really horrible scene.”

Another eyewitness Steve said he and his family watched the “whole thing.”

“There were maybe 6 or 7 involved plus security guards. They were just behind us.

“I saw only one small young guy in a red jumper, the others were mainly in black. I didn’t see it as a gang against another.

“It just looked like a disagreement. The security people came in pretty quickly and waded into the middle of it.

“People got out of their way and out with their phones.

“I didn’t get my phone out as my family was behind me and I was weary of them coming around or over the plant separators, or a plastic chair flying.

“My wife took our two grandchildren up the escalator and I tried to follow.

“The security moved them (offenders) past McDonald’s and the Indian food place and past me and headed them outside.

“I’ve got heaps of praise for how quickly it was bought under control by the security.

“It was only on one side of the food court and people were not running and screaming away, there was one young child crying, most were standing videoing it.

“I thought the security people did a great job. One of the offenders will need a nose job” Steve said.

A staff member at Westfield Mall confirmed the incident took place.

“There were fists going everywhere, and I can confirm the incident happened. It’s not something you expect to see on a Tuesday night just before closing.”

The staff member also confirmed the customer’s eyewitness account, saying shoppers were escorted to safety to the back offices of McDonald’s

A police spokeswoman told Chris Lynch Media at around 6pm, police were called to Riccarton Road after reports of a group of people fighting.

There are no reports of injuries.

The spokeswoman said “two young people have been arrested relation to this incident.

Police would like to thank the public for their assistance.”

Westfield mall management has been approached for comment.

The mall owners Scentre Group, based in Australia, has also been approached for comment.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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