Teen allegedly punched, kicked in head in daylight attack in Cathedral Square

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Apr 25, 2023 |

A 16-year-old boy is recovering at home, after being attacked in Cathedral Square in Christchurch this afternoon.

The victim’s sister told Chris Lynch Media her brother was waking through the square with two female friends when three teenagers approached them.

“They jumped him because they wanted his headphones” she said.

The attack happened just after 1PM near the central library.

The offenders punched and kicked him in the head she said.

A police spokeswoman confirmed the incident saying “three people allegedly assaulted another person and attempted to take items from them.”

An ambulance was declined.

“Two young people were taken into custody, and enquiries into the matter are ongoing” the police spokeswoman said.

The victim’s sister said the two offenders arrested were 14-year-old boys, while the third was a 19- year- old who fled the scene.

Her brother was in hospital suffering from concussion.

The victim’s mother said her son was home after being taken to hospital.

“He’s being monitored by me for concussion. He is ok, fat lip, swollen face with most likely bruising to appear, no broken bones thank goodness.”

“Time will tell if there’s any lasting mental backlash from being attacked.

“He did the right thing by walking away, but the offenders wouldn’t let it go” his mother said.

“The 14 year olds were goaded into it by the 19 year old but he stayed back, out of it.

“It’s a mother’s worse nightmare to get a call from the police that your son has been injured. Something needs to be done about the rampant youth crime across the country.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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