Sumner Volunteer Fire Brigade puts out blaze caused by fireworks

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Nov 05, 2022 |

Photo: Sumner Volunteer Fire Brigade

The Sumner Volunteer Fire Brigade was called to a grass fire caused by fireworks today.

It was the station’s “first grass fire of the season” located near Godley Head.

A Fire and Emergency spokesman said “people are encouraged not to use fireworks in areas like the Port Hills.

If the weather was like yesterday the volunteers, may not have stopped it.

Please be careful with fireworks” the spokesman said.

Meanwhile, the Pegasus fire remains contained and under control on Saturday.

Incident Controller Al Hutt said there were a few breakouts on Friday night, but these were not significant and Fire and Emergency crews were able to keep them under control.

Crews have been patrolling the fire site today and any breakouts will be suppressed if possible, Hutt says.

Drones are being used to identify hotspots.

Fire and Emergency crews will remain on-site on Sunday.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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