Strong winds keep emergency services busy while snow falls on Port Hills

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jun 29, 2021 |

Christchurch’s Victoria Park / Photo: Chris Lynch

Snow and sleety showers continue to fall on Christchurch’s Port Hills.

Blue Skies Weather forecaster Tony Truwinnard said hill suburbs will continue to experience sleety showers into the afternoon, but the main concern for the city was strong winds.

Christchurch’s Victoria Park / Photo Chris Lynch

Strong winds has kept emergency services busy, clearing roads from fallen branches.

Grehan Valley Road has closed because of a fallen tree. Contractors hope to have the road open by the end of the day.

Transport for Canterbury said Macaulay and Spencer Streets were closed due to downed power lines.

The Sugarloaf tower surrounded by a dusting of snow / Photo: Chris Lynch

Torlesse Street was closed between Avonside Drive and Holland Street due to a downed power line.

It was now back open.

A Loburn resident was cleaning up their house today after strong winds blew in their lounge room window.

NZTA Journey Manager Tresca Forresters said the agency was hopeful snow conditions would ease today.

”However, wind chill is keeping temperatures very low and ice may continue in many places today and overnight to Wednesday.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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