“Strong” earthquake widely felt across New Zealand

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Sep 19, 2023 |

A 6.2 quake has been felt across New Zealand.

It struck at 9:14 AM at a depth of 10 km, 45 km north of Geraldine.

It has been reported as being felt in many parts of New Zealand.

Kate Burns said it was a “decent wobble in Swannanoa. Enough to consider pushing my office chair out.”

Kelly Lough said she felt it in Oamaru, while Kinda Cain said she felt it in Greymouth.

Julie Isiit said she “felt the sway of the building at Christchurch hospital.”

Franckie Boots said “decent rocking here in Woolston. Got an alert on my phone before we felt it and my dog was uneasy beforehand too.”

14338 people reported feeling the shake on the Geonet website.

There have been no reports of immediate damage.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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