Government to enforce strict business travel between alert level boundaries

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Aug 29, 2021 |

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With the plan for Auckland and Northland remaining at COVID-19 Alert Level 4 while the rest of the country moves to Alert Level 3 from 23:59 on Tuesday, 31 August, a Business Travel Register has been activated for businesses to apply for their Business Travel Documents through the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

Businesses with workers needing to cross the Alert Level boundary can apply for Business Travel Documents if they meet the criteria for permitted travel.

A worker may only cross the Alert Level Boundary if that travel is legally permitted for that Alert Level shift, or if they have a current travel exemption granted by the Director-General of Health.

 The eligible business categories, types of travel permitted and link to start an application through Business Connect are available at the website, while the boundary between regions in different Alert Levels can be found on the Unite Against COVID-19 website

 An MBIE spokesperson said “it is expected that granting of exemptions will be very limited. Exemption applications will not be processed until a Health Order is in place.”

Travel documents which were issued when the register has previously been activated will no longer be valid and businesses will need to re-apply for them.

Businesses which have previously applied for travel documents will find that when they log in to their Business Connect account, their details will be saved from the previous application.

Businesses are responsible for reviewing and updating this information to ensure that it is current before they submit their new application.

 When travelling, workers should have a printed copy of their Business Travel Documents, or an electronic copy available on their smartphone so police can verify the document to make travel across the Alert Level Boundary as quick as possible.


If you do not have your Business Travel Documents on you, police may ask you to provide alternative evidence, such as an airline ticket showing travel out of New Zealand or a letter showing a medical appointment, and you may experience delays or not be able to cross the boundary at that time.

Each person in the vehicle will need to present their document to boundary officials; if there is someone in your vehicle who does not have a document, they may not be able to cross the boundary.

MBIE will conduct spot audits of applications under the Business Travel Register to ensure that applications are appropriate and may take action if applicants are in breach of the criteria.

The issue of Business Travel Documents is subject to any changes made between the time of issue and 23.59pm on Tuesday 31 August when the Health Order may come into effect.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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