Stolen car crashes, after ramming police dog vehicle

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Oct 21, 2023 |

Two people have been injured, one seriously, when the stolen car they were in crashed into a sign at a service station on Blenheim Road in Riccarton this morning.

The crash occurred at 1.10am. 

A police spokeswoman told Chris Lynch Media police had earlier received reports of the stolen car being driven erratically around the Riccarton area.

When located, the driver attempted to ram a police dog team.

The vehicle fled from police, road spikes were deployed and the driver of the stolen vehicle crashed when they attempted to avoid the spikes. 

A St John spokeswoman said an ambulance and one operations manager responded to the scene.

“Our ambulance officers treated two patients, one in a serious condition and one in a moderate condition.

Both patients were transported to Christchurch Hospital.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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