Stabbing at central city Christchurch motel

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Nov 08, 2023 |

Police stand guard outside Aotea Motel. Chris Lynch Media.

Investigations are underway into an incident at a central city Christchurch motel where it is understood there was a stabbing overnight.

The city side of Bealey Ave, between Fitzgerald Ave and Madras Street, has been reduced to one lane.

An eyewitness told Chris Lynch Media that there are police markings next to blood stains on the road outside Aotea Motel.

A member of the public said it “seems as though something has happened at a reception of a motel … with the left lane and adjoining property cordoned with police tape.”

A guest at Aotea Motel told this newsroom they saw lights and sirens around 1am, and said they had been told it was a stabbing.

“[We] stayed in our room. The police were walking around the outside of our room past the windows talking loud. It was pretty scary and everything cordoned off now … Police are still here. It’s something in the office/managers part that is taped off,” the guest told Chris Lynch Media.

Police said they received a report at 12:18am of a person who was “seriously injured outside a property on Bealey Ave”.

The person has been taken to hospital.

A scene guard is in place this morning at the motel at 302 Bealey Ave.

Aotea Motel is a current provider of Emergency Housing through the Ministry of Social Development.

Police enquiries are ongoing to determine the circumstances of this incident.

Aotea Motel, Christchurch. Chris Lynch Media.

Police scene guard outside Aotea Motel. Chris Lynch Media.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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