Shooter was on home detention, but had exemption to work

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jul 20, 2023 |

New Zealand Police Commissioner Andrew Coster has confirmed the Auckland shooter was on home detention when he carried out his rampage at a building site in the city.

However, he had an exemption to work at the [construction] site.

He said the 24-year-old gunman had not breached his conditions.

Stuff and NZ Herald revealed the gunman who shot and killed two people was Matu Tangi Matua Reid.

Coster confirmed the individual was “known for primarily family violence history, and his house was previously visited by officers.

Construction workers gather on the roof of a building. (Source: Supplied)

Coster said “the offender made his way up through the building site discharging his firearm on multiple occasions.

“Police entered the building within 10 minutes. Staff from various groups right across Auckland responded and members of the public inside the building were evacuated wherever possible.

“We know that several workers found refuge hiding inside the building during the event.

Armed police supported by Special Tactics group located the offender inside a lift shaft where he had barricaded himself and attempted to engage him having secured the floors above and below.

Shots were exchanged and the offender was later found deceased.

“Tragically, police located two members of the public deceased on the lower levels of the building site. A police officer was transported to hospital in a critical condition we can advise he has stabilised.

“Four members of the public have injuries ranging from moderate to serious. At least one of these people self presented at the Auckland City Hospital with moderate injuries.

“The building has now been cleared and the lockdown lifted. A scene guard will remain in place while investigations continue. This was an incredibly alarming incident for workers who were just starting the day.”

“We’ve contained the situation and are not seeking anybody else. We have not formally identified the offender.

“However, we believe he is a 24 year old. We understand he has worked at the construction site and believe the reason for his presence at the site this morning was connected with his work.

“We know that those who live and work in the vicinity may be feeling vulnerable. However, we can provide reassurance that there is no reason for ongoing concern about the situation. There is an increased police presence in the area and we reassure the public that they can continue to come into the central city.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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