Neighbour reveals vehicle of interest parked on road for days near police investigation site in Hornby

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jul 25, 2023 |

Photo: Chris Lynch

A Hornby resident who lives near the house of a police investigation said the vehicle of interested was parked on the road for days.

A property on Trevor street remains cordoned off as police search for missing real estate agent Yanfei Bao.

The Christchurch Press reported that she was due to show a potential buyer through the house on the day she disappeared.

Police search outside the property on Trevor Street in Hornby / Photo: Chris Lynch

Police first searched the property on Sunday afternoon after obtaining a search warrant.

A resident who lives near the house told Chris Lynch it was quite unsettling.

She said police visited her on Sunday and again on Monday.

Police taking photos of the exterior of the house for sale on Trevor Street / Photo: Chris Lynch

“They’ve taken my dash cam footage to have a look through.”

She said the car police were looking for sightings of, a Mitsubishi sedan, registration DPH101, was parked on the road there for a couple of days.

Police are looking for sightings of, a Mitsubishi sedan, registration DPH101 / Photos NZ Police

“The only reason I remember it was because it had a dent on it. I feel quite sick. It is quite disgusting to realise what’s going on.”

The three bedroom house was cordoned off by police with a police tent erected on the driveway of the property.

Officers in white boiler suits were taking photographs of the inside and outside of the house.

In an interview on Monday, Detective Inspector Nicola Reeves told Chris Lynch Media police just wanted to bring Ms Bao home


Photo: Chris Lynch

“Until we have a definitive, I’m not gonna speculate on whether she is alive or not, we are very much hoping to return her home based on well.”

A 52-year-old man appeared in the Christchurch District Court on Monday, charged with unlawfully taking away Bao without her consent, with intent to cause her to be confined.

He was granted interim name suppression and remanded in custody to re-appear next month.

Following his court appearance, Detective Inspector Nicola Reeves told Chris Lynch that police were still treating the investigation as a missing persons case and they were still looking for Bao.

Photo: Chris Lynch

“We’ve got an open mind in terms of where this investigation is going. We are not rolling out further charges in relation to the man charged with kidnapping. In saying that, we’re also not ruling out that we are looking for other people.

We’re worried and very concerned about the safety of her well being. Given that we have now charged somebody with kidnapping, we know that she is the victim of a criminal offence.”

Reeves said the response by the public had been “phenomenal.”

“We get a real sense that everybody is interested in making sure that Ms Bao is returned home safely.

She said since the case went public, police had received over 120 piece of information.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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