Rural Reimagined: New Zealand Agricultural Show unveils spectacular transformation

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Nov 10, 2023 |

Photo: New Zealand Agricultural Show

In a blend of tradition and innovation, Canterbury’s cherished agricultural heritage will be front and centre as The New Zealand Agricultural Show marks its 160th anniversary.

From the 15th to the 17th of November, the event will unfold with an infusion of fresh attractions alongside time-honoured favourites.

Freestyle Kings will be onsite visiting the EnduroCross course at The Show

This year, the show takes on a festive note with the addition of a barn dance set for Thursday night, inviting attendees to swing to the rhythm of music.

The event will also feature a rich tapestry of farm-to-plate artisanal foods, dynamic busking zones, and a kaleidoscope of multi-cultural performances.

In a special appearance, the beloved Kiwi celebrity Suzy Cato is slated to perform on Friday, adding a dash of star power to the festivities. Cato will officially launch a new song at this year’s NZ Agricultural Show in Christchurch.

Jenny Joy and Suzy Cato. Photo: Supplied

The latest release is a collaboration with Jenny Joy from award winning children’s duo Itty Bitty Beats. Suzy and Jenny will perform the song, ‘I Am Unicorn’, as part of their show on Friday.

“It’s an uplifting pop song, fun for all ages, about empowering everyone to embrace their true selves, to be unique, colourful, sparkly and strong. A celebration of individuality and a reminder that we’re all unicorns in our own way,” Jenny says.

A highlight of this year’s show is the Wool Zone, a novel exhibit dedicated to showcasing the versatility of sheep and their products.

Anne Rogers, the president of the Canterbury A&P, expressed her enthusiasm for the new initiative: “Sheep are used for so many things – wool, meat, and their pelt. Every bit of that animal can be used. It’s quite incredible.”

The Wool Zone is designed to educate visitors on the myriad of uses for wool, ranging from traditional clothing and shoes to cosmetics, medical dressings, and even eco-friendly alternatives to plasticware.

Alongside the new features, the show will continue to present its classic attractions such as wood chopping, duck herding, and the rare breeds section, which have been crowd-pleasers for generations.

In an act of community support, children up to the age of 16 will enjoy free admission, a gesture made possible by a grant from the Kiwi Gaming Foundation.

The event promises to be a memorable occasion, merging the pastoral charm of the countryside with the bustling energy of the town.

Tickets are available online at the show’s official website.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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