Riverbed Alert – Waimakariri Regional Park

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Sep 17, 2023 |

Heavy rain has been falling along the main divide overnight, and is expected to continue throughout the day before easing this evening.

An Environment Canterbury spokesperson said the Waimakariri River is starting to rise in the upper reaches, and will rise in the lower reaches throughout the day.

“We do not expect the Waimakariri River to reach high flood levels, or for there to be any ‘out of river’ flood problems.

However, any recreationalists or contractors using the riverbed should monitor their own situation and remain wary of rising water levels.”

The other Canterbury alpine rivers including the Ahuriri, Rangitata, Rakaia, and to a lesser extent the Hurunui and Waiau Uwha, will also be carrying higher than normal flows throughout the day.

Any recreationalists or contractors using these riverbeds should also monitor their own situation and remain wary of rising water levels.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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