REVEALED: Christchurch’s worst streets for illegal dumping

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Mar 11, 2024 |

The issue of illegal dumping in Christchurch has come to light, revealing significant financial burdens for local taxpayers, particularly in the Central ward.

The cost of cleaning up just one street exceeded $43,000, with Cashel Street’s cleanup expenses amounting to $43,394.71.

Hereford Street’s cleanup costs came to $39,196.17, Worcester Street to $38,993.17, Gloucester Street to $26,531.57, and Armagh Street to $22,413.64.

In addition, the removal of rubbish from Aldershot Street in Aranui and Emmett Street in Shirley cost taxpayers $17,279.15 and $16,786.55, respectively.

The data, covering the period from January 2023 to February 2024, does not encompass the additional expenses incurred for the inspection and clearance of these sites by staff and contractors.

By the end of the latest road maintenance contract cycle, over 22,000 instances of fly-tipping were recorded, cumulatively costing close to a million dollars.

Steve Guy, the City Streets Maintenance Manager said “our community prioritizes road and footpath maintenance, yet the diversion of funds towards cleaning illegally dumped waste compromises our capacity to address these infrastructural needs.”

To combat this escalating problem, the Council has purchased surveillance cameras.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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