Retirement Commission teaches children taxes from a “Māori perspective adapting Māori thinking, narratives and frameworks

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jul 19, 2022 |

The Retirement Commission has launched a taxation module in te reo Māori for Māori Medium Education.

Māori medium education is where students are taught all or some curriculum subjects in the Māori language for at least 51 percent of the time

In a press release, it said the module gives rangatahi the opportunity to learn about how tax works, whether they are a future employee, entrepreneur, or contractor.

The resource is designed for children in Year 9 and 10 and was developed in partnership with the Inland Revenue.

Marina Kawe-Peautolu, Kaitakawaenga/Learning Designer for Te whai hua – kia ora helped to develop the module, “having the confidence to understand money, why and how we get taxed and how to plan for yourself and your whanau is a great skill to learn at kura.”

Erin Thompson, Kaihautū at Te Ara Ahunga said “tax is one of the many ways we contribute to our whanau and communities which pays for things like education and healthcare.

“This resource also teaches students about different ways we work and how you pay tax. It gives students a solid foundation for the future.”

Cy Lochead, Acting National Leader for Community Compliance, Inland Revenue says: “We support the education of rangatahi by sharing how tax works in Aotearoa. We are here to help Iwi, hapū, whānau, hāpori to get things right from the start. It’s important to share the information and tools at the beginning of their journey, so rangatahi have a full kete of knowledge to support their aspirations”.

Te Ara Ahunga Ora launched Te whai hua – kia ora, Sorted in Schools in 2019, and now has 78% of children taking part.

The programme was.developed from a “Māori perspective adapting kaupapa Māori thinking, narratives and frameworks to create resources focused on developing financial capability that contribute to rangatahi and whānau wellbeing.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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