Coroner rules Rory Nairn died from myocarditis caused by COVID-19 vaccine

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Sep 20, 2022 |

Rory Nairn Photo: Supplied

A coroner has ruled Dunedin man Rory Nairn died from myocarditis caused by the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.

Nairn, 26, collapsed at the home he shared with his fiancée, Ashleigh Wilson on November 17, 2021.

Twelve days earlier he had received his first dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.

The coroner’s inquest last month heard he reported feeling heart flutters in the days following the vaccine, but put it down to stress.

Coroner Sue Johnson concluded the cause of his death was myocarditis, due to vaccination with the ComirnatyTM Pfizer/BioN Tech COVID-19 vaccine. 

Pathologist Dr Noelyn Hung provided evidence on the post-mortem examination of Rory’s body.

Microscopic analysis of minute samples of the myocardium (the muscle layer of the heart) and pericardium (the outer lining of the heart) showed myocarditis and pericarditis respectively. 

She stated that her diagnosis of the direct cause of Rory’s death was acute myocarditis and that this was more likely than not due to Rory’s recent COVID-19 vaccination. 

Hung explained how she reached the diagnosis of myocarditis.

She saw that Rory’s heart was soft and pale and from that knew to look for evidence of myocarditis.

She carried out an intensive pathological examination of the heart.

Using immunohistology she was able to see down the microscope an antibody binding to different areas of the myocardial tissue and also by sending samples of that myocardial tissue for virological analysis, some of the DNA of the viruses causing the myocarditis was able to be identified. 

Johnson is yet to make a ruling on whether Rory’s death could have been prevented, and if any recommendations or comments are required.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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