Public urged to help identity offenders of Wigram ram-raid

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Aug 12, 2023 |

Do you recognise these child offenders? Video: Supplied

A dairy on Stark Drive in Wigram is reeling from a ram-raid carried out by four young boys and police are appealing to the public to help identify them.

The incident unfolded at 5:30 am on Saturday when a car was used to crash into the entrance of the dairy.

Screen-shot of Video: Supplied

Chris Lynch Media obtained CCTV footage, revealing a failed initial attempt to break in without the car.

Three of the offenders were seen attempting to pull off an advertising sign near the door, but they discovered a concrete wall behind it.

Frustrated with their unsuccessful attempts to break the lock and kick down the door, the young offenders resorted to using the light blue car to shatter the glass, though they failed to penetrate the metal bars.

Minutes later, they left the scene but returned with a grey Mazda, crashing it into the dairy’s door, smashing ice cream fridges, and stealing a tray of lighters and the cash till.

The owner of the dairy said “the damage was huge. They’ve smashed shelves, the pie warmer, tables, and other equipment.

In this second video you can hear the child offenders yelling – Do you recognise their voices?

“The whole shop is full of glass and damaged goods and will require a few days of cleanup without opening.

The mental impact and stress is huge”

The owner said the area “was usually a safe place, and I’ve never had one single case of shoplifting or burglary in the past five years.”

Screen shot of video: Supplied

A police spokesperson said they initially pursued the car but abandoned the chase due to the dangerous manner of driving displayed by the young offenders.

Enquiries were underway to identify and locate those responsible.

A police spokesperson asked anyone with information that could assist in the investigation to contact police via 105, quoting file number 230812/4100.

Screen shot of video: Supplied

Anonymous information can also be provided via Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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