Protestors leave ‘huge mess’ at Northlands Food Court

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
May 17, 2024 |
IMAGE: Supplied / Aftermath of the protest at Northlands Mall

Diners and workers at Northlands mall were taken by surprise when pro-Palestinian protestors marched through the food court leaving a “huge mess” behind.

The incident happened on Thursday night, during the busy dinner period, when a small but sudden protest erupted.

Protesters chucked pamphlets everywhere a mall cleaner said.

The protest was organised by the Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa Christchurch branch.

“As for the group who decided they wanted to do this inside the mall, from hanging a flag to throwing the pamphlets from upstairs, to those who were recording their protest..I appreciate the fact that you want your voices heard, however the way you went about it with your loud speaker, your shouting. It is not okay, and was very inappropriate.

“Not only did you cause a huge mess for us to clean, you also scared a lot of members of the public, from adults to children and babies.

“A lot of people stopped their family dinners and left because of the way you went about it.

“There are many ways to go about having your voice heard but this disruption in the middle of the mall is definitely not one of them.

“PLEASE think of the others as your following through with your protests. Take it outside. Think of the young children and other people as you do this. Including those who have to clean up the mess you want to make.”

The cleaner also thanked the members of the public who helped pick up all the pamphlets left behind.

A similar protest was planned at the Bridge of Remembrance at 1PM on Saturday.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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