Prolific Christchurch burglar arrested

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jun 30, 2023 |

Police release photo of items stolen by a “prolific Christchurch burglar”

A 26-year-old man has been arrested in relation to a number of burglaries, which have occurred in the Christchurch Hill suburbs over the past two months.

Yesterday, the Christchurch Police Tactical Crime Unit arrested the man and recovered a large amount of jewellery, as well as other valuable items.

A police spokesperson said the Tactical Crime Team are now in the process of making contact with victims of the recent burglaries to try and return the recovered stolen property.

Photos of any unidentified property will be placed on to the Canterbury Police Facebook Page at a future date in the hope it will be identified.

“If anyone has been the subject of recent burglary and believe their property may have been recovered, we urge them to report it to Police and give as much detail as possible about the stolen items.”

The man has appeared in court this morning and has been remanded in custody.

Further burglary charges are likely. 

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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