Reduced to Clear opens first South Island store in Christchurch (sponsored)

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
May 04, 2024 |

New REDUCED TO CLEAR store at Christchurch’s South City Shopping Centre (Sponsored Content)

Discount grocery store Reduced To Clear opens in Christchurch on Sunday, marking its inaugural venture into the South Island.

Known for its array of discounted items, the store’s arrival at South City Shopping Centre is expected to draw huge crowds.

National Retail Manager Jerry Horsfall told Chris Lynch Media “with the cost of living crisis facing many people, we feel like now was the right time to open a Reduced To Clear store in Christchurch.”

Having already established a presence in the North Island, Reduced To Clear’s expansion into Christchurch signifies a significant milestone for the company.

Reduced to Clear’s first shop started in Manukau, Auckland back in 2008 intending to minimise food wastage.

Project Manager for the Christchurch Store, Alex Cameron said “by taking surplus or clearance stock from suppliers, importers and manufacturers and selling it at heavily discounted prices to the public, it was a win-win.

“It helps reduce unnecessary food wastage and also helps shoppers save lots of money on their favourite food brands each week.

“Reduced to Clear is a different type of food outlet as it carries all kinds of bargains from frozen product, yoghurts & cheeses, to chocolate and drinks, cereals to general merchandise.

“It was time for Christchurch to enjoy what North Island’s had for years.

We’re really proud of our offerings. Reduced to Clear will make a huge difference to wallets of Christchurch shoppers.”

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Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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