Police to reveal new information on Jessica Boyce’s disappearance

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Mar 17, 2024 |


Marlborough Police are encouraging the public to tune into an upcoming episode of TV One’s “Cold Case” that will feature the mysterious disappearance of Jessica Boyce.

The episode, scheduled to air tomorrow night, promises to reveal new information in a case that has puzzled investigators since 2019.

Jessica Boyce, a resident of Renwick in Marlborough, vanished on 19 March 2019.

She was last seen driving a red Holden Rodeo ute with the registration BDG553.

Concerns over her whereabouts escalated after she failed to make contact with family or friends for two days, prompting her family to seek assistance from the public via Facebook.

The turning point in the search came on 22 March 2019, when, at around 8pm, individuals who had come across the Facebook appeal reported the location of Jessica’s Holden Rodeo.

It was found on the road leading to Lake Chalice in the Mount Richmond Forest Park.

Following the vehicle’s discovery, police began to receive anonymous tips hinting at the possibility that Jessica may have been a victim of foul play.

These tips gradually formed patterns, leading to the launch of Operation Largo, a homicide investigation.

The investigation team has sifted through an extensive collection of information and is poised to share crucial findings on the “Cold Case” episode.

Marlborough Police are urging anyone with information on Jessica’s case to come forward and contact the investigation team directly at 0800 COLD CASE (0800 2653 2273).

It airs at 8.30pm on Tuesday, 19 March on TV1, with the option to watch later on TVNZ+.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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