Police officially named man who died in Motorsport Park accident

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Mar 07, 2024 |

Photo: Leonard John Tomasi / BEARS Motorcycle Club

Christchurch police have have officially named the man who died following a motorcycle accident at Euromarque Motorsport Park.

Leonard John Tomasi, a 60-year-old resident of Lower Hutt passed away a few days following the collision on February 24, involving another motorcyclist.

The accident occurred while the BEARS Motorcycle Club was hosting the Sound of Thunder event.

A police spokesperson expressed their “deep sympathies to Tomasi’s loved ones during this challenging period.”

The BEARS Motorcycle Club honoured Tomasi’s memory via a social media post, highlighting his frequent participation in club events alongside his family, travelling from the West Coast.

The club acknowledged his significant contribution to their community, extending their condolences to the Tomasi family and commemorating his enduring impact.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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