Police justified in shooting man with knife & crowbar in Kaiapoi

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Oct 16, 2023 |

A Independent Police Conduct Authority has found officers were justified in shooting a man armed with a knife and crowbar in Kaiapoi last year.

About 7.30pm on 25 June, 2022, police responded to a report that a man had confronted a family with a metal bar.

Officers located the individual, who became aggressive as they spoke with him.

The man advanced on the officers and as more police arrived, they made several unsuccessful attempts to subdue him, using pepper spray and Tasers.

After he entered a private property and again advanced on police, officers held a genuine fear the man would seriously harm or kill a member of the public or a member of police.

As he advanced on one officer, another, fearing for his colleague’s life, discharged his firearm towards the man.

The shots had no apparent effect, and as the man continued to advance on Police, another officer discharged his weapon, causing the man to fall.

Officers provided him with immediate medical attention, and he survived his serious injuries.

Canterbury District Commander Superintendent Tony Hill said the officers acted bravely during an unpredictable and fast-moving incident.

“Our officers made every attempt to de-escalate this situation and talk peacefully with the man.

Unfortunately, they were put in a position where they had no choice but to use firearms to resolve this dangerous situation.

“I am extremely proud of their actions.

The responding staff tried to resolve the situation without force and had to make a call that no Police officer wants to make.

While they were able to return home uninjured, this was a distressing incident for everyone involved.

“This is a reminder of the unpredictable nature of Policing, and I’m grateful for the heroic actions of those involved.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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