▶️ Dramatic police chase ends on busy Christchurch motorway causing traffic delays

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
May 25, 2023 |

Footage from cell phone / Cameron Fleming

A dramatic police chase has come to an end on the Christchurch Southern motorway causing long traffic delays.

A police spokesman told Chris Lynch Media two youths have been taken into custody following a dangerous driving-related incident in a stolen vehicle across Christchurch.

 He said police responded to reports of concerning driving behaviour in Wigram around 2:50pm.

 Cordons were placed around a wide area in Wigram as police searched for the vehicle.

 The vehicle was not located. 

Video: Cameron Fleming

 A commercial helicopter was chartered by police to observe the vehicle around 3:15pm.

The vehicle hit a police car on Jones Road and fled southbound on Weedon’s Road around 3:40pm, no one was injured.

 The police spokesman said spikes were placed on the intersection of Birches Road and Robinsons Road, however, were not successful.

 The vehicle was spiked on Memorial Avenue around 4:50pm. 

Footage from cell phone / Cameron Fleming


The vehicle was successfully stopped on Christchurch Southern Motorway around 5pm and two people have been taken into custody the police spokesman said.

 During the incident. the youths drove on the wrong side of the road multiple times, and went around roundabouts the wrong way.

Multiple witnesses told Chris Lynch Media they saw the stolen car on the wrong side of the road, narrowly missing pedestrians.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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