Police at house on street where missing woman’s car found

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jul 22, 2023 |

Police are back on the Wigram street where a missing real estate agent’s car was found.

Yanfei Bao’s vehicle was found on Iroquois Place after she went door-knocking in the area.

Her cellphone was located on the Southern Motorway on Friday.

Last night, Detective Inspector Nicola Reeves said the investigation had led police to seizing a car.

Search warrants were executed at two addresses, one in Bryndwr and one in Wigram.

The house in Wigram is down a driveway. There are two other cars parked in front of the house.

A police car was parked on the driveway.

A scene guard were parked at the address overnight.

Reeves said several people are assisting police with enquiries.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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