Plan to make Aranui streets safer

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Sep 14, 2023 |


Safety improvements to make streets in Aranui safer and easier for everyone to use are out for public feedback.

The proposal to make the area more people-friendly includes upgrades to intersections, the addition of speed bumps, options for cycle infrastructure on Breezes Road, and brightening the road with coloured paint.

Improvements to the crossings outside Haeata Community Campus and Chisnallwood Intermediate, Avondale, are also included in the safety plan, alongside a new crossing outside St James School.

Christchurch City Council’s Planning and Delivery Transport manager Jacob Bradbury said, “We’ve received Waka Kotahi funding through the Streets for People programme to help make streets in Aranui safer and easier for all road users.”

“After running design workshops with very talented students from local schools, we have the beginning of a plan to co-design and develop better walking and cycling connections in Aranui,” Bradbury said.

The proposal includes reclaiming some road space, particularly on Hampshire Street, to give pedestrians more room in areas where students raised safety concerns.

Intersection upgrades to slow traffic and make it easier for pedestrians to cross are also included in the safety plan.

“Trialing street changes provides an opportunity for people to reimagine their streets, and ensures any permanent solution meets the needs of the community,” he added.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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