Phil Mauger calls on Government to ditch the proposed water reforms.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Sep 21, 2021 |

Christchurch City Councillor Phil Mauger

Christchurch City Councillor Phil Mauger is calling on the Government to ditch its proposed water reforms.

The reforms would see management for the country’s 67 councils’ storm, drinking and wastewater – the “three waters” – moved into the hands of four regional entities which would begin operations from 1 July 2024.

Councillor Phil Mauger said, “I’ve been inundated with calls, emails and conversations with people from all over Christchurch who are genuinely concerned about these reforms.”

“I am listening – these reforms don’t work for us. I cannot see in any way how we could endorse the current approach.”

Mauger said “we are New Zealand’s second-largest city, and I agree with Mayor Phil Goff from Auckland – these reforms in their current form don’t stack up.”

“Whether it is the debt transfer, efficiency gains that can’t be demonstrated – or the practicalities of this entity, for example – a pipe underneath a reserve will need to have access rights granted by the Council to the entity – all this is doing is using up staff’s valuable time when they want to be out delivering for the people of Christchurch.”

Council will consider before the end of September its feedback to Central Government.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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