Person seriously injured following multi-vehicle crash

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Feb 24, 2023 |

Up to six cars have been involved in a multi-vehicle crash in Redwood this morning, with a person transported to hospital in a serious condition.

Police responded to the crash on Queen Elizabeth Drive, near St Bede’s College, around 8:30 am. 

A police spokesperson said the road was blocked while emergency services responded.

A witness told Chris Lynch Media she counted six cars in total which had damage, with debris strewn all across the road.

“A black Ford Ranger type car was absolutely smashed at the front, it looked like they were the reason for the crash.

“Another car smashed up the back against the barrier that goes down the middle of that road. A few more cars were parked up on the side with minor damage.”

“It looked to me like the black car didn’t see the traffic stopped and smashed into the car in front causing a chain pile up.”

A St John spokesperson said they received a call to a motor vehicle incident on Queen Elizabeth II Drive, Christchurch at 8.32am today.

“Two ambulances and a rapid response vehicle responded to the scene and treated two patients – one was in a serious condition, and one was in a minor condition.

“The patient in a serious condition was transported to Christchurch Hospital.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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