Parts of Christchurch without power tonight

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Aug 01, 2023 |

Several Christchurch suburbs are without power this evening.

Lines company Orion said power was cut to Bryndwr, Fendalton, Merivale, Papanui, Strowan affecting 787 customers.

“We have despatched an operator to in order to identify and ultimately restore power supply

Our apologies for the inconvenience while this restoration work takes place.”

Streets affected were Alpha Avenue, Ashby Place, Bateman Avenue, Bryndwr Road, Denvir Street, Galway Avenue, Garreg Road, Glandovey Road, Heaton Street, Idris Road, Ilam Road, Jeffreys Road, Kain Avenue, Lees Road, Newall Avenue, Normans Road, Orkney Street, Peel Street, Plynlimon Road, St Andrews Square, Strowan Road, Taylors Avenue, Thornycroft Street, Tui Street, Wairakei Road, Westholme Street.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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