Car park fees in Central city now more expensive

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jul 12, 2021 |

On street and council-owned parking building fees have increased in Christchurch.

On-street metered parking in Christchurch’s city centre has increased from $3.10 per hour to $4.50 an hour on Monday, an increase of 45.2%

Credit card transaction fees have been removed from all Council on-street parking meters.

Council Traffic Operations Manager Steffan Thomas said the council was increasing metered on-street parking fees to bring them more into line with Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin where the cost of on-street parking in the heart of the CDB was generally between $4 and $5 an hour.’’

Fees also increased at the two Council-owned parking buildings in the city centre.

Lichfield Street Carpark rate per hour increased from $2.80 to $4.00, an increase of 42.9%

The hourly night-time rate increased from $2.50 to $3.50.

The all day rate of $15 will remain unchanged.

At the Christchurch Art Gallery carpark, the parking fee went up to $2 per half hour.

What does this mean for residents?

On Street Parking – waiver of time limit restrictions will increased from $145.00 to $210.00, an increase of 44.8%

On Street Parking – residential parking and residents exemption permits  – Moving from $60.00 to $100.00, an increase of 66.7% 

From Sunday 1 August, New Brighton’s hot salt water pools, will introduce peak pricing at weekend sessions, evening sessions from 5.30pm and during school and public holidays. These sessions will cost an extra $1.

Off-peak sessions and member pricing will remain the same.

In October some charges at Council-owned recreation and sport facilities will change slightly. For example, the cost of going for a swim will increase by 10 cents for a child, by 30 cents for an adult, and by 80 cents for a family of four.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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