Oxidation Pond showing promising results, Watch drone footage

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Apr 20, 2023 |

Christchurch City Council’s efforts to improve the biological health of the oxidation pond in Bromley are already showing promising results, thanks to the installation of 16 aerators.

According to a spokesperson for the Council, the aerators are exceeding the strict design criteria set by staff, and all ponds are now recording higher dissolved oxygen levels.

This is leading to healthier-looking ponds and a reduction in odours and hydrogen sulphide emissions, which had been slowly increasing in recent months.

The initial disturbance of sludge caused by the aerators has settled down more quickly than anticipated, resulting in clear water with no ongoing sludge disturbance.

As a result, the Council has been able to return all ponds to ‘green’ in the pond tracker, indicating a much healthier and more robust pond system heading into winter.

The Council’s efforts have been captured in a drone video by Apex Water Ltd, which shows the improvements in Pond 1 since the installation of the aerators.

The rapid response in pond health and the additional performance provided by the aerators mean that the systems installed are more resilient, and the future risk of odours is now reduced compared to previous forecasts.

However, the underlying risk of odours being present around the wastewater treatment plant will continue until the permanent solution for the treatment process is completed.

Despite this, the Council’s efforts have already made a significant difference to the biological health of Oxidation Pond.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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