A person had died in a serious crash in Christchurch tonight

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Aug 23, 2021 |

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A person had died following a serious crash in Christchurch tonight.

A police spokesperson said emergency services responded to a crash at the intersection of Marshland Road and Mairehau Road.

She said they were notified of the two-vehicle crash at 7:24pm.

A Local resident who was out walking with her mum on Marshland Road was one of the first people on the scene.

“We heard and almighty crash followed by a skid coming from Mairehau road and we approached the scene of the truck and sedan.”

She said “the occupants of the truck had done a runner on foot and unfortunately the driver of the sedan had passed away.”

“The first person on scene said that drinking may have been involved.”

The resident said “police arrived at the same time as we did and were fast to assess the scene and get witnesses together.”

“The first people on scene said it was a lady, we were told not to look at her vehicle by the officer.”

“As the officer was taking our statement the emergency services arrived, that being the fire truck and ambulance. A tarp was placed up over her car straight away.”

“The truck is a double cab Ute of some kind and unfortunately, its whole front end is smashed up.”

Police said the road is blocked and diversions will be in place, and motorists are asked to avoid the area.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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