Nurses across New Zealand to stop work to consider Te Whatu Ora offer

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
May 26, 2023 |

Members of the New Zealand Nurses Organisation employed by Te Whatu Ora will attend a series of 57 meetings across the country over pay and conditions.

These two-hour meetings, scheduled to take place from May 29 to June 2, aim to allow nurses, midwives, and health care assistants to review the latest offer from Te Whatu Ora and determine their next steps in the ongoing bargaining process.

“One of the primary issues raised by our members during the bargaining process is the need for a pay rise that reflects the rate of inflation,” said NZNO Chief Executive Paul Goulter.

“Te Whatu Ora’s offer of $4000 this year across all rates, with an additional 3 percent increase next year, falls significantly short of this figure.”

Goulter said “Te Whatu Ora has not adequately addressed our members’ concerns regarding safe staffing levels and their overall well-being at work. We are advocating for the implementation of a ratio-based staffing safety net and support for health and safety representatives.”

“Members would much rather be at work focusing on their patients, but we’re holding these two-hour meetings to decide what to do next because Te Whatu Ora’s offer will not help them deliver the levels of care their patients deserve.”

Goulter highlighted the importance of fair pay and conditions that recognise the value of nurses and healthcare workers, stating, “we are at a time when New Zealand desperately needs nurses and other health workers. Pay and conditions that recognise their value would make nursing more attractive and help keep the nurses we have.”

He further expressed concern about the safety of nurses, stating, “right now nurses do not feel safe coming into work, and, ultimately, patients will pay the price for hospitals that are continuously understaffed and under-resourced.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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