No arrests made in high profile Christchurch ram raids

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Aug 01, 2023 |

Photo: Supplied to Chris Lynch Media

Three high profile ram-raids committed by youth offenders in Christchurch has not resulted in any arrests.

On Friday 28th April, two youths used a stolen car to smash their way through the Hornby Hub, and exit out the other end of the mall.

They filmed their raid on mobile phones and posted the footage on TikTok.

Hornby Hub was forced to place large concrete temporary blocks in the entrance way.

Purpose built bollards will replace them eventually.

Photo: Chris Lynch

Centre Manager Jason Marsden said “it’s a truly significant and complex issue that demands attention at a high level.

“I recently spoke with a former youth police aid officer who emphasised the need for substantial changes.

This problem will require a generational effort to address it properly.”

Screenshot from TikTok.

Marsden said “many of these children come from difficult backgrounds, with families facing various challenges, including broken homes and financial hardship. Consequently, they lack a stable home life and have had their childhoods taken from them.

“Additionally, around 70 percent of these kids experience learning difficulties, and very few are involved in organised sports.

“Local schools have played a crucial role in identifying and assisting children involved in criminal activities.”

However, the Government needed to tackle truancy, as it served as a key indicator of family and school support he said.

“These young individuals are often left without a proper support system, leading them to form their own chosen families with their peers.”

On a positive note, the Hornby Hub was seeing increasing customers numbers with the likes of Pak n Save and anchor tenant Farmers performing well, and keeping the mall busy.

The night market on the roof top was also extremely popular.

On the 16th of April, two cars were used to reverse into the Rebel Sports store in Hornby, but no arrests were made.

On the 2nd December, Gun City was targeted in a ram ram.

Four offenders entered the store and stole several items.

Speaking to Chris Lynch Media on Wednesday, Gun City owner David Tipple expressed confidence that the public would readily identify the offenders if he posted their photos online.

However, he was instructed not to publish the images on the internet.

According to Tipple, one of the offenders had been apprehended by the police three times in a single night but managed to escape each time.

“The trouble is these offenders seemed more interested in gaining popularity on TikTok than evading capture. During the raid, one individual stood outside, using a bright light to film the entire incident. Afterward, they all gathered around the camera and showing gang signs with their hands.”

Photo: Chris Lynch

At the time, Detective Senior Sergeant Wells said “police are treating this seriously and are pursuing a number of leads to identify these offenders and locate the items they’ve stolen.”

When Chris Lynch Media inquired about updates on all three ram-raids, a police spokesperson said no arrests had been made.

However, there was a significant development regarding the aggravated robbery at Halswell Dairy.

The incident, which occurred on July 14th, led to a terrifying situation where a mother and her two-year-old daughter were forced to flee during the attack on Gore Street.

According to the spokesman, two male offenders, aged 14 and 15, are now facing charges related to various burglaries.

The 14-year-old is scheduled to appear in the Christchurch Youth Court on 8 August, followed by the 15-year-old on 18 August.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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