National Christchurch Central Candidate Dale Stephens vows to tackle health crisis head-on

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Sep 17, 2023 |

National Party Candidate for Christchurch Central has raised the alarm over the worsening state of the healthcare system and made a commitment to address the issue head-on.

In a Facebook post, 62-year-old Dale Stephens expressed his “deep concern” for the state of the healthcare system in Christchurch Central.

He mentioned that the term “health crisis” has been used frequently, but his recent visit to Pegasus Health opened his eyes to the dire situation facing the community.

Pegasus Health, which operates the 24-hour Afterhours medical centre, had to close its doors at 9 pm for the third time recently.

Stephens emphasised the importance of these 24-hour medical services, noting that they play a crucial role in ensuring people receive the care they need promptly.

“Without these services, emergency departments become overloaded, and individuals may delay seeking care, leading to worsened conditions.”

National Party Candidate for Christchurch Central Dale Stephens

During his meeting with the CEO and Lead Team at Pegasus Health, Stephens said he was “deeply impressed” by their professionalism, dedication, and genuine desire to serve the community.

He acknowledged the devastating impact of the closures on the community and has pledged his support to resolve the situation if elected as the representative for Christchurch Central.

Stephens made a commitment to work closely with Dr. Shane Reti, National’s Health spokesperson, to explore solutions for getting Pegasus Health back to full operation as soon as possible.

He emphasised that he is ready to advocate for the city and acknowledged the crisis faced by Pegasus Health and its impact on the community.

Stephens’ Facebook post attracted attention, with many residents expressing their support for his commitment to addressing the healthcare crisis in Christchurch Central.

If elected, he said he “intends to take immediate action to ensure that the people of Christchurch receive the quality healthcare they deserve.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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