National calls on Government to release hospital ED wait times

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Mar 04, 2023 |

The National Party is calling on the Government to release regional emergency department data, ahead of a predicted busy winter for hospitals in New Zealand.

National’s health spokesperson Dr. Shane Reti says the Labour Government and its new Health Minister are still hiding from accountability on emergency department wait times.

“Just this week, the now ex-Chair of Te Whatu Ora Rob Campbell admitted that emergency department wait times have continued to deteriorate since July last year when the quarterly data was last publicly available.

“The Government has since identified eight emergency department ‘hot spots’ to give extra support to this year, including Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch. It should direct Te Whatu Ora to release the regional wait time data on these areas, as well as the rest of the country ahead of winter.

“Sick and injured New Zealanders should know how long they could be waiting in emergency departments so that they can plan accordingly.

“When people are forced to wait too long, they often give up and go home which can lead to tragic consequences as we have seen in the case at Middlemore Hospital.

“Only Labour could spend a billion dollars on a health restructure and deliver worse health outcomes in every single metric – emergency department, first specialist appointments and surgical wait lists are all at record highs.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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