Naked man engages in lewd act shocking Foo Fighters crowd

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jan 24, 2024 |

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Last night’s Foo Fighters concert in Christchurch was marred by a naked man who shocked concert goers with his antics.

The naked man engaged in an explicit act in full view of the audience at Apollo Projects Stadium.

Among the crowd were children witnesses said.

A witness told Chris Lynch Media the man was in the midst of the crowd, near the mosh pit, when he began to behave lewdly, causing “shock” and revulsion among concertgoers.

Another attendee described the scene as a mix of “disbelief, laughter, and disgust.”

Photo: Supplied

The situation was particularly jarring as it unfolded against the backdrop of the band’s frontman discussing the joy of seeing children in the audience, a sentiment that starkly contrasted with the disturbing nature of the incident the concert goer said.

“The man was playing with himself, showing off and being a complete idiot and was most likely high as a kite on drugs or alcohol or both, or just a real piece of s*** or all three” the concert goer said.

Indecent exposure is a crime in New Zealand. Every person is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 3 months or a fine not exceeding $2,000 who, in or within view of any public place, intentionally and obscenely exposes any part of his or her genitals.

Christchurch police have been contacted for comment.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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