Multiple Christchurch businesses burgled overnight

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Apr 29, 2024 |

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At least four Christchurch businesses were targeted in burglaries overnight.

A police spokesman told Chris Lynch Media police responded to a burglary at commercial premises on Bridge Street at 12:23am.

A burglary then took place on Sir John Mckenzie Ave at 1:03am. Glass was broken to gain entry, the spokesman said.

Another burglary was reported at a commercial premises on Radcliffe Road at 1:49am.

Damage was done to gain entry here as well, the spokesman said.

Another burglary was reported on on Blenheim Road, a commercial premises at 2:16am.

The police spokesman said “it appears entry was gained and damage done to the premises. Enquiries are ongoing

 At this stage it is not known if these incidents are linked.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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