$2.25m makeover for section of Christchurch street

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Feb 27, 2023 |

The Christchurch City Council could spend $2.25m upgrading to a section of High Street between Tuam and St Asaph streets.

The design includes a right-turning lane onto St Asaph St to reduce traffic on Madras St and allow vehicles access to the St Asaph carpark.

Hearings panel chair Melanie Coker said the upgrades will create a vibrant and attractive High Street that’s safe, accessible and welcoming to all.

“This section of High St is rich in heritage and widely used by a range of people, so we want to ensure that it’s not only attracts pedestrians, but supports the needs of local businesses.”

“The project will support the growth of the local economy and ensure that High Street remains a thriving link between Ara Polytech, the Heathcote major cycle route and the central city.”

Improvements include widening footpaths to increase safety for pedestrians and cyclists, a 10km/h speed limit, a simplified intersection at Tuam and High streets, accessible parking and improved loading and unloading acilities, motorcycle parking, and a link from the central city cycleways with the Heathcote Expressway major cycle route.

The hearings panel recommendation will now go to Council for approval before it progresses to detailed design and construction.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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