Covid19 positive person visited Middlemore’s ED today the Ministry of Health had confirmed.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Sep 09, 2021 |

The Ministry of Health has confirmed a person who presented to Middlemore Hospital’s Emergency Department today has tested positive for COVID-19.

The following information has been provided by Counties Manukau DHB.

The patient presented with a non-COVID-19 related issue and answered all COVID-19 screening questions in the negative, indicating their having had no exposure to COVID-19, no symptoms of COVID-19, nor having been at any location of interest.

The patient was assessed in the Emergency Department (ED) and spent a short amount of time in the Adult Short Stay ward before making the decision to self-discharge.

The patient did consent to a COVID-19 swab but made the decision to leave prior to the result being available.

The patient has now been informed of the positive result and is isolating under the management of public health.

Middlemore Hospital’s Infection, Prevention and Control, and Occupational Health staff, are working together with the Auckland Regional Public Health Service (ARPHS) to assess the risk of this exposure.
All staff in the ED and Adult Short Stay area were wearing the appropriate PPE required for this area of the hospital, including N95 masks and goggles.

As such the risk to these staff members is considered extremely low. No staff are being stood down.
Inpatients who were deemed close contacts of the patient in question have been identified, informed and isolated.

As is usual practice for a confirmed positive COVID-19 patient, ARPHS is undertaking a case investigation to ensure all impacted patients are informed and advised on the precautions they should take.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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