Man seriously injured in violent gang related incident in Papanui

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jan 14, 2024 |

Richards Ave in Papanui

A man has been seriously injured in what’s believed to have been a violent gang-related incident in the Christchurch suburb of Papanui.

Emergency services responded to a call at 2.40 PM on Richards Ave, where a man was reportedly hit by a vehicle.

Minutes before the incident, there was a street fight on Greers Road, involving gang members, several blocks from Richards Ave.

Footage sent to Chris Lynch Media shows a physical altercation on Greers Road, where a man is seen attacking another man while he’s on the ground, before the fight moves onto the middle of the road.

Police cordon off Richards Ave in Papanui

A woman is seen screaming at the occupants of two of the damaged vehicles.

Cid, a motorist who only wanted to be referred to by his first name, was driving along Greers Road and saw the incident unfold.

“I saw a grey vehicle following a black ute on Greers Road. The car sped through a red-light and turned into Harewood Road, but then did a u-turn and continued following the black ute.

“The driver of the grey vehicle then cut in front of the ute on Greers Road, near Grahams Road smashing into it.

“The ute reversed into the back of another car and a woman and man starting punching each other.

As Cid’s son was calling police, two young children were ushered into the ute before it sped away.

When all of the occupants left the scene there was debris and blood on the road Cid said.

Altercation on Greers Road

Minutes later, a person, believed to be from the same grey vehicle, was found in a serious condition next to the vehicle on Richards Ave, which had smashed windows.

A St John spokeswoman said they sent an ambulance, a rapid response vehicle and an operations manager to the scene, where they treated one patient.

Greers Road near Grahams Road

His condition is thought to be serious after suffering a badly injured leg.

Detectives responded shortly after paramedics arrived at the scene.

Richards Ave and a small section of Greers Road near Grahams Road was still blocked off by police several hours later.

Police officers were talking to residents along Greers Road.

A police spokesman told Chris Lynch Media officers were still trying todetermine exactly what happened.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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