Man arrested after performing lewd act at Foo Fighters concert

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jan 25, 2024 |

A 27-year-old man was arrested after performing a lewd act naked at the Foo Fighters concert in Christchurch on Wednesday.

A witness told Chris Lynch Media the man was in the midst of the crowd, near the mosh pit, when he began to behave lewdly, causing “shock” and revulsion among concertgoers.

Another attendee described the scene as a mix of “disbelief, laughter, and disgust.”

A police spokesman said the man was arrested for indecent exposure.

He was dealt with via “alternative resolution” and no charges were laid.

“In general concert-goers were well behaved.”

Three people were arrested for disorder incidents (in addition to the arrest for indecent exposure) and 23 people were evicted from the venue for varying reasons, principally relating to intoxication.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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