Council admits “major failure points” on St Asaph Street

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
May 22, 2022 |

A central city road, plagued with problems, has been ripped up, due to “major failure points.”

The $3.5 million redevelopment of St Asaph Street, adding cycleways and narrowing the road, was eventually completed in 2017, after council staff were forced to make multiple changes.

Changes to the road came under intense criticism, including from cyclists, who said council had made it even more unsafe.

Even Mayor Lianne Dalziel referred to the changes in 2017 as “ridiculous.”

Lynette Ellis, Councils Head of Transport & Waste Management said “maintenance works are being undertaken on St Asaph Street between Madras St and Montreal St.”

“At present, we are fixing the major failure points, these are failures through age or water damage for example along the street. These are pre-surfacing repairs.

Following this, the whole area will be re-surfaced and re-marked.”

“As this is part of the wider maintenance contract, we cannot quickly separate the costs for this individual job.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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