Major changes planned for Brougham Street

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Nov 22, 2021 |

Brougham Street, one of Christchurch’s busiest routes linking Addington to Opawa and the Lyttelton Tunnel, is getting what NZTA describes as a “21st century upgrade.”

Government funding of up to up $90 million has been made available to make Brougham Street.

 Key changes include:

  • Using the existing road space to create ‘T2’ lanes, to operate at peak times, with parking available in this lane outside of peak times.

  • An overbridge for pedestrians or people biking or scooting between Collins and Simeon Street.

  • A shared path along the south side of the road from Simeon Street to Opawa Road, joining up with existing paths like the Little River Link Major Cycle Route.

  • New plantings and trees, more than doubling the number of existing trees, to safely separate the shared path from the road.

  • Intersections will be upgraded right along Brougham Street. Traffic signals will be improved, turning arrows added and turning restrictions installed at some places to make it safer to get on and off Brougham Street. The traffic lights at Selwyn Street will allow priority for buses heading to the city centre.

  • Montreal St will get traffic signals to provide a better connection to the one-way system in the city, as well as adding safe crossing points for pedestrians.

  • Some smaller side streets will be closed with new cul-de-sacs to reduce short-cutting and support quieter, safer neighbourhoods.

  • The traffic lights at Colombo Street intersection will also help to prioritise buses, in preparation for future bus improvements.

  • The Gasson and Burlington Street intersection will have improved crossing facilities for pedestrians and cyclists, as well as turning restrictions to reduce the number of cars crossing the shared path.

  • A new signalised pedestrian crossing will be added near Wilsons Road.

  • Opawa Road intersection will be upgraded, with ‘hook turn boxes’ to help create a safe space for cyclists to turn in traffic

  • The public can provide feedback here

Community Open Days:

  • Thursday, 2 December, 3.30 – 6.30 pm Addington School, 22 Brougham St

  • Tuesday, 7 December, 3.30 – 6.30 pm, Addington Seventh Day Adventist Church Hall, 61 Brougham St or

  • Register at to attend our online Zoom session, Wednesday, 8 December, 6-7 pm.

More information about the New Zealand Upgrade Programme can be found here:

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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