Lethal drug disguised as MDMA circulating in Christchurch

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Dec 27, 2023 |


Residents in the Christchurch region are being warned to the presence of a potentially dangerous substance found in a brown powder that was presumed to be MDMA.

The concerning discovery was made when an Alpha-PVP like substance, known for being more potent than MDMA, was detected in the powder.

It raises serious health risks for individuals who may consume it, believing it to be MDMA.

The powder, which is widely circulating in Christchurch and possibly other regions, poses a significant threat due to the potency of Alpha-PVP.

This substance can cause adverse effects and serious harm, particularly as users might inadvertently take multiple doses.

Officials stress the importance of not assuming the identity of substances, as misrepresentation can occur at any stage in the supply chain.

High Alert, a drug safety organisation, urges extreme caution and recommends testing to minimize risks.

Symptoms from consuming Alpha-PVP can vary and may include increased energy, alertness, anxiety, paranoia, over-stimulation, muscle tension, restlessness, blurred vision, dry or numb mouth, headaches, sweating, and a racing heart.

In extreme cases, high doses of Alpha-PVP can lead to mania, hallucinations, and even death, especially when combined with other substances.

The public is advised to be vigilant and to seek immediate medical attention by calling 111 if unusual effects are experienced after substance use. Being honest about drug use is crucial for receiving proper care.

The discovery of this Alpha-PVP like substance was made through separate samples brought into drug checking clinics in Christchurch, run by the New Zealand Needle Exchange Programme (DISC) and Know Your Stuff NZ.

A sample has been sent to the Institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR) for further analysis.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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