Key route between Canterbury and West Coast closed due to slip

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Oct 18, 2021 |


A key route between Canterbury and the West Coast has closed for the night.

 SH73 was closed mid-afternoon when a slip at the Rock Shelter on the West Coast side of the Arthur’s Pass road closed the highway.

 NTZA says with rain continuing to fall across the Main Divide, it is not safe to reopen the highway tonight

Electronic message signs will be in place at each end of the road – near Kumara Junction and at Springfield warning people of this closure and road blocks are in place at Arthur’s Pass and Otira.

 The Rock Shelter was built to protect SH73 from rockfall and slips which regularly occur at this part of the winding road between the top of Arthur’s Pass and Otira.

 In today’s wet weather the slip material has landed beyond the shelter itself, making it unsafe for traffic at this stage.

NZTA says the next update will be midday Tuesday, but motorists should check online for updates.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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