‘That Bloody Woman’ evolves into Showbiz Christchurch musical extravaganza

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jun 30, 2023 |

Kate Sheppard’s remarkable life has been turned into an electrifying rock musical thanks to Showbiz Christchurch.

“That Bloody Woman,” written by Christchurch locals Luke di Somma and Gregory Cooper, will take audiences on an extraordinary journey through history.

For the first time in Showbiz history, the creative team are all women, which resonates powerfully with Director Mel Luckman.

“It’s just been so great giving women the opportunity to be in roles that they don’t often get at the moment, like set designer and lighting designers.”

Bryony Jamison, who brings Kate Sheppard to life on stage, shared how visiting the Kate Sheppard House in Christchurch’s Ilam suburb helped her prepare for the role.

“As soon as you walk in there, you feel her essence,” she revealed. “You feel the importance of what she did. It’s just heavy in the air. The house just feels so special to be in her presence.”

Bryony Jamison (Kate Sheppard) with ‘That Bloody Woman’ writer Gregory Cooper at the Kate Sheppard House / Screenshot: Emma Smart

Showbiz Marketing Manager Tom Hart, who stars in the production as “Richard ‘King Dick’ Seddon,” highlighted the unique nature of That Bloody Woman.

“It’s not your traditional sort of musical theatre show,” he explained.

“It really is framed like a rock concert. So you’re going to get plenty of great music, lots of impressive lighting, and a really good time. It’s an hour and a half of just full-on great music, great dialogue, and an amazing story.”

Showbiz Marketing Manager Tom Hart, who plays “Richard ‘King Dick’ Seddon”

Building upon its previous success, Showbiz Christchurch has upped the ante with That Bloody Woman.

“We’ve got 17 people on stage, so it’s evolved into this massive, big musical with the full regalia,” Luckman shared.

That Bloody Woman Director Mel Luckman

“There’s something about this show that makes you feel more proud to be a New Zealander,” added Luckman.

“It’s so uplifting, so much fun. There’s something about it that we don’t often get a chance to go, ‘Yah, New Zealand is awesome,’ and this just makes us feel so good.”

That Bloody Woman will rock its way on stage at Christ’s College Auditorium from July 5th – July 15th.

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